HABLEM is jewel in the crown of customer service, a role of an artistic manoeuvre of realistic critical requirement to meet unprecedented challenge most robust condition ever known to mankind namely upstream offshore Oil & Gas industry. Second most rigid requirement to space technology.

This exhibits Hablem endurance which would spell the capacity to uphold any kind of existed industries. Since 1993, Hablem is licenced by PETRONAS as a vendor in Oil & Gas industry, PRASARANA, SPAN, CIDB, MOF, DOSH, MISC, TNB, PERODUA, PROTON, HICOM.

Hablem has proven to be prolific solution provider throughout the growth years of 23 old years. Setting goals are easy, executions are different game altogether. Genuine ultimate goals has created Hablem to the level of exclusive ladder which was resulted from excruciating years of hardship, strive, perseverance and fighting spirit. Hablem endeavour to achieve such certification of Integrated Management System (IMS) ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OSHAS 18001:2007 that drives Hablem to improve the quality in every aspects of services.

Hablem serves customer in the Oil & Gas upstream as well as downstream sectors, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Automotive, Marine, Aeronautic, Locomotive, Power Generation, Nuclear and Waste Water Treatment. We are an exclusive agent for various brands, which includes:  

1.      WELKER – The American Sampling System,

2.      BELL FLOW SYSTEM – The UK Metering System,

3.      APV – The Australian Valve,

4.      MEPSAN  The Turkish Fuel Station Equipment,

5.      BENNETT – The American Fuel Station Equipment, 

6.      B-I INDUSTRIAL  – The Korean Fire & Gas Detection System,

7.      ACE VALVE – The Korean Valve,

8.      SAMJUNG – The Korean Platform Screen Door, and

9.     FDI+ISTOBAL – The French Railroad Washing Equipment,

10.    XYTEL – The USA Pilot Plant Manufacturer,

11.    HOSENT  – The Korean Engine Room & Tank Package Unit,

12.    DONGSHIN  – The Korean Water & Sewage Treatment System.