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Platform Screen Doors System ( PSD )

This is safety preventing the fall of passengers or objects onto track side by the installation or fixed wall and automatic doors between platform and track, screen door synchronized with the opening of thr train's doors, and maintains confort environment on platform.

Effective PSD

Saving         Energy Energy saving through remodelling of platform environment and HVAC system



Preventing passengers from failing onto track side by accidently or intentionally. Blocking of heat and high temperature smoke in case of fire. Provision of safe escape route in case of emergency


Passenger Regulatation

Connecting spot linking train and passengers. 



Profit achived through advertising effect utilizing the fixed wall of PSD



Blocking of Piston Effect of train. Restrain of noise and dust resulting improvement of platform environment


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Half-Screen (Platform Screen Doors)

Half-Screen (Platform Screen Doors)

Installed above the ground platform, this PSD creates pleasant and spacious image with outstanding visibility of passengers with its screen doors synchronized with the doors of train.

Semi-Closed (Platform Screen Doors)

Semi-Closed (Platform Screen Doors)

Installed above the underground platform, this PSD provides excellent safety and effectiveness with its open-top configuration.

Full-Closed (Platform Screen Doors)

Full-Closed (Platform Screen Doors)

Installed on underground platform, PSD plays role of separating wall between platform and tracks resulting improved safety, amenity, and energy saving.