Hablem Oil & Gas (M) Sdn Bhd (Hablem) will strive to provide the highest quality of trading and engineering services complying with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 and any other statutory requirements.


To achieve company objectives and customer's satisfaction, Hablem will:

  • Inculcate understanding among employees that quality is everybody's responsibility and require their total involvement  and commitment. 
  • Enhance employees's performance by providing proper tools, equipments, trainings and competencies.
  • Deliver services on time and within budget according to our customer needs.
  • Professional management on every task or project.
  • Practice the principle "Get it right first time" to maintain the quality standard.
  • Obtain customers feedbacks and continually improve processes to suit to the organization's needs and improve effectiveness of Quality Management System.



  1. To achieve average 90% customer satisfaction per annum.
  2. To achieve not more than 5 cases of delayed project completion per year.
  3. To achieve not more than 5 cases of customer complaints per project.
  4. To provide average 2 courses of training per employee per annum.
  5. To ensure not more than 1 case of accident per project.
  6. To achive not more than 3 cases of supplier/sub-contractor non-conformance per annum.