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Established since 2000, millennium technology developed with various world recognised standard of industrial valves. Equipped with renowned patent of prominent technology,ACE Valve is committed to sustain its global leading edge of producing various service valves namely ship industry, oil & gas industry, petrochemical/chemical industry, power generation industry and water industry.
Pivoted on butterfly valves as well as ball valves, check valves, globe valves, gate valves. Major equipment accessories such ashydraulic actuations, dismantling joint, flange adaptor and flexible coupling also produced  by ACE Valve. 
ACE Valve receives world wide certifying authorities endorsement by various classification societies as well as certified ISO9001 and ISO14001. Its patented designs supersede the rest of global technology in a millennium metal-seated butterfly valves with movable double/tripleeccentric mechanism through continues research and development which also matches specificrequirements of each specific industrial applications and  endorsed by major firms and engineering companies globally.