Istobal FDI

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Founded in 1994, FDI+ designs, manufactures  and installs exterior wash equipment for a number of vehicles: trains, trams, metros and also buses and trucks. The strength of the company comes from the ability to adapt its product range to customer needs, which enables the firm to install its systems on new washing stations, but also to fit equipment in existing facilities for washing station renewal.

FDI+ is also committed to the environment. Our washing stations are often equipped with water recycling systems: either with a sand filter or, for a better result, with bacteriological water treatment.

Early in 2013, FDI+ joined the well-known Spanish group ISTOBAL S.A. The Valencian company wants FDI+ to be positioned as a reference for the railway industry specialized in train wash. Istobal S.A has allowed FDI+ to benefits from its international network, enjoying better after-sales services.