AMOX 2015


Asia Marine & Offshore Expo (AMOX) 2015 is an international maritime and offshore industrial event that brings an international congregation of companies together in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This unique event which seeks to bring together more than 8,000 industry professionals to tackle the pertinent concerns of the booming offshore, Oil & Gas, shipbuilding and maritime industries in Malaysia, from its technological front to the changing market trends.

The international character of Asia Marine & Offshore Expo (AMOX) 2015 present unparalleled marketing, education and networking opportunities. This event had offers the ideal platform for Hablem Oil&Gas (M) Sdn Bhd to explore new maritime, offshore, Oil & Gas and shipbuilding opportunities in Malaysia and penetrate emerging markets in Asia.With an enthusiastic and proactive supportive team, Hablem Oil & Gas have achieved the three days event with ease with almost 500 visitors including VIP clients and contractors that has been invited.

Together with principals and also new principals especially in Marine Industry, Hablem Oil & Gas has brought new ideas and technologies for the industry to move forward with mutual trust and cooperation. With international standards equipment and instruments brand such as Welker , McFarland , APV valve ,Bell flow system , Mepsan , Bennett, AceValve, Hosent , B-I Industrial ,Hablem Oil & Gas has achieved great support from principals and continue to serve the industry for good. 

By joining Asia Marine & Offshore Expo (AMOX) 2015, Hablem Oil & Gas (M) Sdn Bhd are able to conquer the opportunities to collect as many information required in order to diversify into marine industry. Asia Marine & Offshore Expo (AMOX) 2015 as a closing of the exhibition for this year is expected to be a springboard for Hablem Oil&Gas (M) Sdn Bhd to further expand the business in the marine industry.